Top 5 craziest phone designs that stood out from the crowd

Top 5 craziest phone designs that stood out from the crowd

Ever mistook someone else’s phone thinking it was yours? Nowadays, it’s a common scenario. Smartphones are rarely not rectangular, fitted with a full-body touchscreen, with a camera or two (or three) at the back. There’s not much variation in the color department, either. Remember the good old days when phones came in funky colors and you can hang up calls with a flick of a finger? We miss those, too. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with a quick rundown of the past decade’s wackiest phone designs.

Haier P7 Pen Phone

The P7 was released in 2004 by the renowned Chinese consumer electronics company, originally as a token to the hosts of that year’s Golden Globes. It was eventually made available to the public, although it didn’t really last long in the market. This 5.9 x 1.0 x0.7 inch cellphone is equipped with a VGA camera and tri-band GSM capabilities and can withstand 120 hours on standby.

Samsung Serene

A year after the Pen Phone, the Serene hit European shores as a result of Samsung’s collaboration with high-end consumer electronics company Bang & Olufsen. It was meant to compete with other high-end phones in the market, which is why it came with a 1275 USD tag. This ostentatious LCD flip phone is connected via an aluminum hinge and has a circular keypad.

Motorola V70

When the V70 was unveiled back in 2003, critics and enthusiasts alike were quick to dub it the newest It phone. They viewed its unique design as sleek and innovative, and its 360-degree swiveling keypad was just the perfect topper for this cake. The circular bezel that surrounds the screen is interchangeable—you can choose among metallic-hued accessories depending on your mood. And like with all phones during the early 2000s, users have the option to wear their stylish units around their necks by threading a lanyard at the top.

Nokia 7600

Nokia was the former industry leader for good reason: they never ran out of interesting ideas—including designs. Although the 7600 didn’t do great in the specs department compared to the other phones in the market during its 2003 release, it made up for it with its unique shape which resembled a teardrop. It had to be held with both hands because of its keypad placement, which surrounded the whole screen. It was fitted with a VGA camera and has MP3 capabilities that were good enough for the fans; however, the people’s interest eventually died down after users complained that the model was a tad difficult to use and Nokia had to release better-taught designs.

Nokia N-Gage

Of course, who could forget the iconic N-Gage? In 2002, Nokia saw the rise of Nintendo’s handheld devices and figured, “hey, we can make something like that!” The N-Gage is a fully-functioning mobile phone that could double as a gaming console, although answering calls will require the user to flip the phone vertically, hence the nickname “taco phone”. Although the N-Gage failed to capture the hearts of true-blue gamers due to the lack of game selection and overall awkwardness of the device, the N-Gage went down in history as one of the most interesting phone designs that came into fruition.

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