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Welcome to the Mobileshop.ae Marketplace Help Desk where we provide you quick tips on how to set up your own store.

Setting up your store

To create a Seller account, go to Registration and provide pertinent information as requested on the page. Make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions before choosing “Agree.”

Please note that after registration, you will not be allowed to change Company name and Username.

Mobileshop.ae will approve or decline your application. Mobileshop.ae will directly contact you to verify information before approving your registration.

Using the Seller Toolbox

The Dashboard displays information about your store at a glance. The Dashboard shows your Total Order, Product Availability, Amount Withheld, and Available Amount.

Total Order shows the entire count of orders you have in your account.

Product Availability displays the total number of products added in your catalogue.

Amount Withheld is the total amount of all orders placed.

Available Amount is the amount ready for your payout withdrawal.

The Dashboard also shows the weekly overview of your sales and latest orders.

On the left-hand side of the Dashboard are the tools you can use to manage your account.

The Mobileshop.ae Marketplace Seller Toolbox is an interface designed specifically for Sellers to manage their orders in the most efficient way possible. The Marketplace Seller Toolbox will also help you manage your payout transactions.

Under the Seller Toolbox are headings like Profile, Orders, Product, Transaction, and Warranty.

Profile – contains Seller account settings and personal information.

Orders – allows you to monitor and manage orders. See Managing Orders for a more information.

Product – enables you to view and add products to your catalogue.

Transaction – enables you to view and edit your bank account information, make a payout request, and displays transaction history.

Warranty – allows you to change warranty options for individual products, and contains information on available warranty types.

Go to Profile and edit your account information under Personal. You will not be allowed to change Company name and Username at this time. Remember to click Save Changes once you're done.

Go to Profile and click on the Password tab. You will be asked to enter your current password before entering a new one.

Should you have any trouble performing a Password update, contact Mobileshop.ae.

In the toolbox, click on Product, and choose View Products. As the name suggests, the page is for viewing purposes only.

From Products, click Add Product and tick off the boxes under ACTIVE column.

To update prices and product quantity, go to Add Product. You may directly edit price and quantity on the page itself.

Should you wish to add a product to your catalogue from the Mobileshop.ae listing, you may send a request to the Mobileshop.ae and wait for approval.

Managing Orders

In the toolbox, click on Orders. A drop-down menu will appear containing the different order statuses.

Pending –contains all orders received through Mobileshop.ae Marketplace. You may accept or reject orders in this category

Accepted –displays the orders you accepted. You may print your invoice here

Rejected –displays the orders you rejected

Ready to Ship –shows orders verified by Mobileshop.ae via invoice counterchecking, to be delivered to Buyers

Shipped –shows orders delivered to Buyers

Completed –shows orders completed within the 5-day delivery timeline, in which Buyers are satisfied with the product. Once an order is displayed in Completed, the Amount Withheld will be transferred to Amount

Go to Orders, click on Pending. Under the ACTION column, click on the ✓ to approve an order, or the X mark to reject it.

Shipping Orders

Mobileshop.ae will handle delivery/shipping of orders to Buyers. The Seller only needs to prepare the product for pick up before 5pm.

Delivery timeline is the number of days it will take for an order to be completed, from Buyer's placement of order to actual delivery. Schedule is as follows:

1, 2 Buyer places an order; Seller accepts or declines
3 Mobileshop.ae picks up the item(s) from the Seller
4, 5 Mobileshop.ae delivers the item(s) to the Buyer

Yes, we ship orders to territories outside the UAE. Shipping costs will be shouldered by Mobileshop.ae, but customs and duty taxes will be the responsibility of the Buyer.

Fees and Payments

For every completed order transaction, you may send a payout request by going to Transaction, and clicking Payout Request. Mobileshop.ae will handle funds transfer as per payout cycle.

The moment the amount is displayed in Available Amount, you may send a payout request. Mobileshop.ae processes payouts every Wednesday. In order to be eligible for the current cycle, please send your payout request by Monday.

Mobileshop.ae will take 4% off the order amount for every completed order.

Mobileshop.ae will handle delivery costs, thus will not charge you for delivery/shipping.

Return Policies and Product Warranty

Mobileshop.ae Marketplace has three (3) available warranties: 5 days, 6 months, and 1 year. A thorough explanation can be found when you go to Warranty and choose Warranty Types.

Go to Profile, click on the Settings tab, and choose between 5 days, 6 months, or 1 year. To know more about available warranties, go to Warranty which can also be found in the Seller Toolbox.

If you want to offer a different warranty, you may send an email to [email protected] to add it in your product page.

Mobileshop.ae Marketplace will honor the Seller's return/refund/exchange policy.

Customer Service-related Matters

As mediator, Mobileshop.ae will communicate with the Buyer regarding any issues, but the concerns will be ultimately handled by the Seller.

Mobileshop.ae is entitled to indemnity from all disputes that may arise from any transaction made via the Mobileshop.ae Marketplace.

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