Keep the device you got from Mobileshop.ae protected* with MOBILE PROTECTION PLAN for a small price. Before you check out, add the MOBILE PROTECTION PLAN insurance plan* when you add your product to cart so you are sure that your money is not wasted when something happens to your device.


  1. You accidentally break an outer or inner part of your phone, and the device stops working;
  2. You get your device wet and you cannot use it anymore.


That varies according to the product you are buying. Try adding a product to cart, and you will be shown the price for the Mobile Protection Plan.


The only available option to buy the Mobile Protection Plan is when you add a product to cart, by selecting Yes in the prompt. Please note, that once you place the order, you cannot add the Mobile Protection Plan to your device anymore.


  • Device, Product – any product purchased from Mobileshop.ae covered by the insurance plan
  • Accidental Damage – externally visible damage on Device or Product, resulting from external, unforeseeable, and unexpected cause that impedes normal function of product.
  • Natural Catastrophe – flood, landslide, drought, earthquake, etc.
  • You – party that purchased the insurance plan
  • Dealer – party from which the Device was purchased
  • Coverage Period – duration of insurance coverage, specifically 12 months from date of purchase
  • Administrator – insurance provider, specifically Global Assurance Solutions (GSA) and associate GSA services


You are entitled to the benefits of this insurance plan provided that you are able to present the insurance certificate with valid coverage date and original invoice provided by Mobileshop.ae upon request.


The purchase of the insurance coverage entitles you to damage protection if the Device

  1. has incurred Accidental Damage;
  2. has totally malfunctioned due to water damage to its internal circuits.

The insurance plan is nontransferable and non-refundable.


The following shall not be covered by the insurance plan:

  1. loss of Device due to any kind of circumstance, i.e., misplacement, theft of any kind, intentional act or willful neglect, borrowing, renting, transfer of ownership, etc.
  2. damage due to wear and tear, manufacturing defects, incorrect storage, poor maintenance, and improper use
  3. issues covered by Dealer warranty
  4. loss of data or software originally installed in the Device
  5. cosmetic damage
  6. any damage resulting from SIM card, accessory, or ancillary product malfunction
  7. any consequence of war or hostilities resulting from malicious acts by individuals or organizations
  8. any consequence of nuclear reaction or radioactive contamination
  9. any electrical/mechanical breakdown
  10. damage to Device due to Natural Catastrophe
  11. force majeure situations precluding Product recovery
  12. consequential damage or loss to your person during or after Accidental Damage to the product


Excess – minimum value which shall be deducted in each claim. Excess applicable for all repair cases is 10% of invoice value.

Total Loss

  • replacement through electronic voucher that you can use on Mobileshop.ae to purchase the same exact device, or another ot the same value as the Device as indicated in the original invoice
  • subject to minimum excess value and depreciation  percentage depending on age of Device from date of purchase as stipulated below:

Table 1 – Depreciation percentage

Within 3 months10%
After 3 months and one day to 6 months20%
After 6 months and one day to 9 months30%
After 9 months and one day to 12 months40%

Partial Loss

  • compensation for Partial Loss will be by repair basis
  • Device shall be repaired by authorized service providers only.
  • maximum liability shall be cost of repair, subject to excess
  • If the repair cost or maximum liability exceeds total loss settlement, it shall be settled as Total Loss.

*Should repair costs exceed the purchase price of the Product, beneficiary shall bear the difference between repair/replacement value and approved amount.

*Compensation for replacement is for single Device only.

*The Administrator shall only honor 1 claim.

*The replacement device shall not be covered by the insurance plan.


You shall agree to:

  1. Take all possible steps to safeguard the Device.
  2. In the event of a claim, the Administrator and Dealer shall require full disclosure and declaration of the incident.
  3. All benefits shall be forfeited should there be any misrepresentation or non-disclosure of pertinent information material to the assessment of the claim.


  1. Inform the Dealer through the Customer Service hotline within 48 hours of the incident.
  2. In conjunction with the call, a written description of the incident must be forwarded to the Dealer, as well as pertinent valid documents such as original invoice and insurance certificate.
  3. You are required to bring the Device to an authorized service center not later than 48 hours after informing the Dealer.
  4. Copies of insurance policy and other documentary requirements must be provided to the authorized service center. Original documents must be submitted to the Administrator not later than 15 calendar days.
  5. No repairs must be done on the Device before an authorized service center has been informed.

Should repair estimate exceed 1500 UAE dirhams, a surveyor may be deputed for assessing loss at the discretion of the Administrator.


Should the need to file a claim be deemed necessary, the first point of contact is the Mobileshop.ae customer service team. The team shall then communicate with the Administrator as to the succeeding steps.

Mobileshop.ae Marketplace WARRANTY

The Sellers on Mobileshop.ae Marketplace offer warranties for mobile devices found to have defects. Available warranties displayed on the site may vary and are provided as per Sellers´ preference. Therefore, before purchasing a product, we strongly encourage you to please refer to the Seller´s individual warranty information indicated in the product page before proceeding to Checkout.

Warranty claims should be sent through the Warranty Claim page within the first five (5) days and the device delivered within the same time frame. Should the claim be filed on the 5th day, the management reserves the right to determine whether or not to allow an extension for delivery of the device to the office.

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