Philips Air Fryer Black HD-9220

Philips Air Fryer Black HD-9220

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Model NumberHD9220/20
Power Consumption1425 W
Power Requirement230 V, 50 Hz
Height37.8 cm
Width39 cm
Depth39 cm
Weight7 kg


There’s nothing better than a plate of steaming pakoras on a rainy day. But does the oil from fried stuff go straight to your hips? This Philips Air Fryer from the Viva Collection, with its Rapid Air Technology, will help you cut down on your oil intake and make deep-fried food healthy and yummy.The Rapid Air Technology employed by this air fryer helps you lead a healthy lifestyle by cutting down your fat intake by almost 80%. It allows you to deep fry your food with little or no oil. Apart from that, the fast-circulating superheated air also lets you easily bake, roast or grill stuff in just a matter of minutes.Often, when we are deep frying food our kitchen smells for a long time afterwards. It might get awkward when you have guests arriving at your home. To solve this issue, this air fryer is equipped with an air filter that reduces the smell created while cooking.



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