Terms and conditions

Mobileshop.ae Cashback

Mobileshop.ae Cashback is an accumulative rewards program that gives you back the indicated amount for every item you purchased. It comes in the form of an electronic voucher printed on your invoice that you can use to get a discount next time you buy from Mobileshop.ae.

  1. Each item in your Mobileshop.ae purchase corresponds to a voucher code and in turn, a Cashback credit amount.

For example, if you buy 3 items in a single order, each one will have a voucher code that corresponds to Mobileshop.ae Cashback credits.



ItemPriceVoucher CodeMS Cashback Credits
Item A1600 AEDLKR1416 AED
  1. There are two (2) ways to use you Mobileshop.ae Cashback credits.
    a.) You may choose to use one individual Cashback voucher to get a discount on your next immediate purchase;
    b.) You may accumulate all your Cashback credits and use them all in one go on another future purchase. You MUST notify the Customer Service team if you want to go through with this option, as a separate accumulated voucher code will be provided to you.

    ORDER ID: 00002 – CUSTOMER B
ItemPriceVoucher CodeMS Cashback Credits
Item A500 AED5 AED
Item B1000 AED10 AED
Item C750 AED7.50 AED
  • Voucher codes displayed in the table are for demonstration purposes only. Mobileshop.ae will not share your voucher codes to third-party entities.  
  1. The Cashback voucher code MUST be used at checkout, otherwise, the discount will not be applied to the purchase.
  2. You may only use one (1) voucher code per transaction.
  3. Mobileshop.ae Cashback credits are non-transferrable, non-refundable, and non-convertible to cash. They may be used solely by the registered customer that made the original purchase. Otherwise, the code is considered void.
  4. Credits are not eligible for use in conjunction with other promos.
  5. Wholesale purchases or bulk orders are also included in this rewards program.
  6. Mobileshop.ae Cashback is valid for a period of 12-months (one year) from date of original purchase.
  7. Mobileshop.ae reserves the right to terminate the rewards program at any time without notice, and will not honor voucher codes generated or used in a suspicious or fraudulent manner.