Lowest Price Guaranteed Policy

General terms:´s Lowest Price Guaranteed policy entitles the customer to a reimbursement amounting to twice the difference of the Mobileshop price and the price of another online shop, should the buyer find another online shop selling the same product at a lower price. Reimbursement shall be made under the following conditions:

1. The lower price is being offered by a full-fledged e-commerce website based in the UAE only. Corporate websites of brick-and-mortar stores displaying promotional prices or deals are not considered e-commerce websites.

2. The other online shop must have the item in stock or on-hand.

3. The product being offered in the other online shop should be a brand new, original device. Refurbished or repacked versions are not accepted.

4. The product is being sold at its regular price and cannot be part of a promotion of any kind (e.g. timed promotions, bundles, seasonal sale, etc.)

5. The other online shop should offer the same warranty for the product.

6. The price offered by the other online shop should include shipping/delivery costs.

7. A complete order transaction (successful order placement, payment, and delivery) must take place before a customer can file for a claim.

8. After receiving the product, the customer has 24 hours to file for a claim by sending an email to Filing claims through other channels such as calling the hotline, sending messages through Facebook or any other social platform, or sending an instant message via Zopim shall not be honored.

9. The email must have the subject  ATTN: MOBILESHOP.AE LPG CLAIM for [device brand] [device model] and should contain the following:

– Screenshot of the lower price offer, with date and time

– Link to the product page

– Bank account details

10. shall take a minimum of fifteen (15) days to confirm and approve the claim. Upon approval, shall transfer the amount after seven (7) days to the account number provided.

11. reserves the right to refuse reimbursement due to incongruence with the conditions stated herein.

12. also reserves the right to refuse any claim without presenting justification.

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