Jumpstart your morning with these 5 kitchen gadgets under 120AED

Jumpstart your morning with these 5 kitchen gadgets under 120AED

What motivates you to get up every morning? A hand clumsily reaching out to press snooze on a blaring alarm clock is an all-too-familiar scenario. If you have to drag yourself out of bed to start getting ready for the day, here’s the guide that will help get your gears going.

We rounded up five kitchen essentials you’ll find in Mobileshop to help jumpstart your morning. The best part? They’re all under 120 AED! 

Nova Coffee Maker (70 AED)

Nova Coffee MakerIt’s no secret that the majority start their day with coffee. The Nova Coffee Maker can easily brew five cups of coffee in a single brewing process, and with a power consumption of only 650 watts, this nifty kitchen appliance can also help you conserve electricity.

Saachi Multi Snacks Maker (118 AED)

Saachi Multi Snacks What’s for breakfast, you ask? Say goodbye to multiple pots and pans that you certainly won’t have time to clean post-meal with the Saachi 7-in-1 Multi Snacks Maker! It comes with six biscuit plates, two square sandwich plates, six donut plates, two triangle sandwich plates, two waffle plates, a grill makes, and a nutty maker – all the attachments you need to make a quick, easy, yet super filling meal! The cool-touch handle is also ergonomic and can be locked to avoid unsightly accidents!

 Saachi Electric Kettle (75 AED)

Saachi Electric Kettle

In the battle of coffee vs. tea, do you stand with the latter? If you answered yes, this gadget’s definitely a must-have in your kitchen countertop. The Saachi Electric Kettle has a 1.7-litre capacity and automatically turns off once the water has finished boiling. The kettle is detachable from the heating base, making it easy to pour the boiled water in your prepared glass for tea.

Nova Juice Extractor (89 AED)

Nova Juice Extractor NJ-503The Nova Juice Extractor is built for individuals who prefer to consume lower calories without compromising the amount of vitamins and nutrients needed by their bodies. All you need is a handful of your favorite fruits – drop them in the chute, pulp and all, press down, and watch as the machine turns them into a glass of fresh fruit juice. You can even pop in your favorite vegetables in the mix! Green juice, anyone?

Black and Decker Blender (80 AED)


This compact blender from Black and Decker comes with a 400-watt motor that’s powerful enough to crush ice and turn frozen fruits and veggies into delicious, chunk-less smoothies. It has a 1.5 liter capacity and it’s equipped with a stainless-steel blade system that can cut and blend each solid ingredient with precision. This is the gadget you need for making quick and healthful icy treats.

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