How Can You Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone?

How Can You Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone?

Thinking about getting into photography but you only have a smartphone for a camera? Not a problem! Smartphone technology has been impressive, condensing so many features, even cameras, into one thin rectangle.

You’ve got a marvelous medium; now all you need are these 5 helpful tips on taking great smartphone photos.

Know your phone’s specs

Before you begin, it’s important to know what your phone camera is capable of. This will help you establish the kind of shots you can successfully take with your smartphone. Don’t feel too bad if your phone can only do 5 megapixels. Sometimes, the grainy quality can add to your shot’s character—maybe even make it look artistic.

Download Other Phone Apps

There are some smartphones with decent built-in camera apps. If you’re going for pro, there are applications that allow you to manipulate the camera as you would in the manual setting of a DSLR. Try using the app Camera FV-5 for the manual experience. But if you want to go for a different effect, apps like Retro Camera exists.

Find a good angle

Phone cameras tend to magnify objects at the edge of the frame. Angles that are too high or too low may easily affect the outcome of the shot. If you want to show how marvelous the architecture of a building is, you can take perspective shots from below. For selfies, on the other hand, the ideal angle would be from the top with the phone slightly tilted.

Choose your shots wisely

One of the concepts of good photography is being able to determine the decisive moment. Tell stories through your shots by capturing the perfect subject matter. Whether your phone is a 5 MP one or 16MP, nothing beats good storytelling.

Look for light

The word “photo” comes from the word “light” for a reason. In the old days, the light was needed to capture images on film. It’s quite similar with smartphone cameras—you’d need stronger light to take a sharper photo. If your phone camera is strong enough, sometimes, it can take dramatic dim shots.

Now that we’ve taught you some helpful tips on smartphone photography, it’s time for you to go out there and get started! You may also check out Mobileshop.ae for the latest smartphones with the sharpest cameras in the market. We’re currently having a site-wide sale, so you’ll surely get the best deals!

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