How can you protect your smartphone from physical damage?

How can you protect your smartphone from physical damage?

Our smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, whether it’s for work, school, or personal use. We often come across articles on how to protect our data from hackers and viruses, but it’s high time we also talk about shielding the device itself from butterfingers and moments of sheer clumsiness. If your phone falls flat on a cement pavement or in a 6-foot-deep pool, it’ll surely cause inconvenience and can most likely disrupt your routine.

So how can you ensure that your smartphone is protected from physical damage? We list down the ways.

Screen protector

Although recent smartphone models already boast of having highly-durable Gorilla Glass displays or other similar scratch and impact-resistant screens, it’s still better to be on the safe side by installing a screen protector. These are either made from plastic or tempered glass, with the latter being sturdier yet thicker than the former. By installing one on top of your smartphone’s screen, your display stays scratch-free inside your bag or your pocket. In case your smartphone slips and falls face-down, the screen protector absorbs the shock and will be the one damaged instead of your glass screen — of course, this still depends on the height and level of impact. Bottom line? Don’t let your phone hit the ground.

Smartphone case

Smartphone cases come in different styles and designs which suit every budget. If you have a few extra bucks to shell out, manufacturers such as Otter and Spigen are well-known for their durable yet bulky cases that could probably withstand the next nuclear war. Kidding aside, their smartphone cases make great investments if you’re comfortable with needing two hands instead of one to use your smartphone, since convenience is somewhat compromised in most of their designs. There are also smartphone cases with built-in batteries to provide your device with additional juice.

Smartphone protection plan

You’ve heard of life insurance, and perhaps you also even have one for your properties and automobiles, but what about your smartphones and other gadgets? Let’s face it, no matter how much you protect your smartphone, the inevitable drop is just waiting to pounce in the corner. Gadget insurance not only protects your device from physical damage—there are companies like Unbreak that also cover water damage and theft.

Every smartphone purchase in Mobileshop.ae gives you the option to sign up your device for any of Unbreak’s protection plans. You can choose to have your device protected for a year or up to three years. Unbreak’s warranty plans are among the most trusted in the UAE, and with their swift and hassle-free (it can be filed online!) claims process, you’re assured that your smartphone is always in good hands.

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