Beat the heat with these summer essentials!

Beat the heat with these summer essentials!

We’re less than a couple of weeks away from summer here in Dubai. Are you starting to feel the (extra) heat? Before you start planning your vacation leaves and wardrobe choices for your upcoming trips, check out this brief list of must-have summer items you can get here in Mobileshop, home of the best home and electronic deals in the Middle East!

Drone Camera

Drone With Camera

Waterproof smartphones are all the rage these days, but do you know what’s going to bring your Instagram game to a higher level? A drone camera! You’re bound to visit new and exciting places this season, so don’t put those breathtaking views to waste and start shooting stunning images from a different angle!


Sunglasses And Bluetooth

Shield your peepers from harsh rays with a pair of sunglasses that’s both stylish and functional. Check out this Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses which has built-in earphones, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while protecting your eyes from the sun.


CeraVe Sunscreen Stick

The effects of UV ray exposure are bound to get harsher this season, so don’t forget to slap on some sunscreen before heading out for your summer activities. Trust us, you’d be thanking us for reminding you to add this to your daily skincare routine. Not only will this protect you from sunburn and wrinkles, it also lessens your chances of catching melanoma—skin cancer if you want the scarier term. Just be sure to reapply every couple of hours and after splashing around in the waters.

Personal blender

Not hitting the beach anytime soon? There’s another way for you to cool down, and it doesn’t involve leaving the house! Adding a personal blender to your current spread of kitchen gadgets is also a good idea nutrition-wise. If you’re not fond of eating vegetables, drinking them ice cold will probably give you a change of heart.

Waterproof speaker

Charge 4 Portable Wireless Speaker

Planning a pool party or an outdoor barbecue? Make it more fun with a portable Bluetooth speaker that can blast your favorite tunes in high-quality! The JBL Charge 4 is designed to brave all types of weather—rain or shine, there’s no stopping you from dancing along to the latest chart-topping songs!

Pull-up bar

Is getting fit part of your New Year’s resolution? How’s that coming along so far? It’s not yet too late to catch up on all those lost days—after all, this season packs all the extra motivation you need to get those muscles going! Install a pull-up bar in every door frame of the house. That way, you don’t have an excuse to miss a quick workout.

Car canopy

No one likes to step inside a car that’s been left out in the sun for a long time unless you want to know how it feels like to be a dough that’s put inside a brick oven. Keep the temperature at bay with this automatic car tent that’s easy to dismount once you’re ready to get back on the road.


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