5 fun indoor activities this summer season

5 fun indoor activities this summer season

Now that we’re experiencing the height of the sweltering heat here in the UAE, it’s important to have alternative ideas when it’s simply too hot to push through with your planned outdoor activities. We at Mobileshop came up with a list of fun summer activities you can do indoors – along with the products available in our website that can help you accomplish them all!

Summer cook in

When we think of lunch and dinner during the summer season, we often picture them outside, with grills and picnic chairs all set up. Why not shake things up and hold the banquet in the dining area where it’s cooler and more comfortable? With temperatures expected to exceed 42°C in Dubai in the next couple of months, you and your friends are better off sharing a meal indoors.

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Repaint the walls

Why not take advantage of the long break by giving your home a much-needed makeover? You can start with painting your walls a refreshing color! Make it more fun by letting the members of the family choose which color to use in their own rooms. Another idea? Get blank canvases for each and create your own artworks! This is the perfect excuse to make a mess – just make sure that you’re using non-toxic paint and all the windows are open to let out the fumes!

Movie marathon

Gone are the days where you must line up at the movie house just to catch the hottest flicks on the big screen. Thanks to the internet and online streaming subscriptions, you can now enjoy your favorite films in your jammies, with a bowl full of popcorn and a liter of ice-cold soda right at your own couch. We have plenty of options for affordable LCD screens with crystal-clear quality, but if you want to dial it up a notch, get a projector and transform your living room walls into your very own wide-screen theatre.

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Game night

Feeling a bit competitive? Bring out the chips and the bean bags for a long night of fun and games with your pals! We have a wide assortment of best selling games for different gaming units here at Mobileshop. We also have different options for extra consoles in case you need more players in your team!

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Inflatable pool party

All nearby pools and beaches are bound to be filled with families and cliques itching to escape the dreaded Middle East summer heat, but that’s no excuse for you to stay at home to bathe in your own sweat. We have inflatable pools big enough for the whole family to splash in, and they’re pretty easy to set up too. Just don’t forget to put on sunscreen before getting in!

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