The Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy S Series

The Galaxy S Series has cemented Samsung's place as one of world's smart phone giants. The 7th installment of the series, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, was officially released yesterday, March 11, 2016. If you've been a loyal Samsung fan since the very beginning, you've probably already registered for pre-order, quietly (or frantically; Those of us who have GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, how are you holding up so far?) anticipating the arrival of your newest handset. While waiting, let's traipse..

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The uprising of the Selfie Smartphone

One click on any social media network and you witness a stream of selfies flocking your timeline. Thanks to the recent uprising of selfie-oriented smartphones, you are going to see a whole new dimension of people clicking away every inch of their lives!



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Upcoming Celebrity Mobile Gaming Apps

In 2013, Glu Mobile Inc teamed up with who we can describe as the biggest and most ubiquitous media personality of our generation: Kim Kardashian. After months in the development stage, and what we can only imagine as Kim responding to Glu with something to the tune of “#SoProud” for every concept up for her approval, the mobile gaming application Kim Kardashian: Hollywood was released on iOS and Android in June 2014. By the end of that year's 3rd quarter alone, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood had..

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Google Introduces “App Streaming”

Google has updated its search engine to access the web and—get this—your apps.

Yes, people. Google has once again come up with something magical that will allow you to access information and some features of select apps without downloading them. Two years back, Google started indexing content from apps and came up with deep links in order for users to get information not only from websites with matching content but from virtually everywhere.

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The Increasing Desire For The iPhone 5c

An iPhone re-seller based in South Delhi mall claims iPhone sales have more than tripled in just the recent weekend! Due to this huge demand, the shop is forced to replenish stock every 2 days as opposed to the usual weekly rate. This huge turnaround in the smartphone battle has caused Samsung to lose even more sales with a retailer known for selling both Samsung and Apple products claiming even the iPhone 5c's predecessor (iPhone 5s) has had an increase in sales. The Samsung Galaxy S4 meanwhile, has remained in stock with no hints of change anytime soon. Comparati..

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Why Major Brands Have Their Smartphones Made In China?

Believe it or not, there are still some people walking the face of this globalized earth who think that if their phone is "MADE IN CHINA" it will have less quality in some (weird) way. Some will even go to the extent of thinking it's not original.

The smartphone industry has become a fiercely contested stage for several device makers in the planet. With over several hundred million phones shipped yearly, it is a clear thought that there is a massive demand in terms of manufacturing these devices. And to our..

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