Leaked! The Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones for 2016

It’s only the first month of 2016, and the rumour mill is on overdrive. Everyone’s been going crazy for the latest leaks of upcoming phones of 2016. For your convenience, we’ve rounded up the most anticipated ones.


Samsung Galaxy S7

Highlight of the S7: High-end specs and QualComm processors give possibility of the Samsung GalaxyS7 running 17 hours of continuous video playback at full brightness!

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What we know from the new Samsung Galaxy S7 leaks

Surface Design

Reports say that the S7's design will not be so different from the S6, so we can expect the same glass back cover and aluminum casing. The possibility of another 'Edge'-style curved display is not too far off either. Other reports say that Samsung is also coming up with something similar to Apple's 3D Touch Technology and might be one of S7's features.

Inside Loo..

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Can The iPhone 6 Have All This?

The current expected release date is in the month of September in 2014, which seems reasonable considering the fact that, the iPhone 5S was just released in September. As expected, numerous rumors regarding what exactly this phone will contain have evolved, just as they do before any phone hits the stage. While some may be true, others may not and this will only be proven once the phone is available in the market.

The iPhone 6 is expected to have a bigger screen as compared to its 3.5 inch classic screen, in order to compete with..

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