The Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy S Series

The Galaxy S Series has cemented Samsung's place as one of world's smart phone giants. The 7th installment of the series, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, was officially released yesterday, March 11, 2016. If you've been a loyal Samsung fan since the very beginning, you've probably already registered for pre-order, quietly (or frantically; Those of us who have GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, how are you holding up so far?) anticipating the arrival of your newest handset. While waiting, let's traipse..

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The Once-Over: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016)

Samsung has apparently hit our UAE market with a new phone, though launching quietly, contrasting Samsung's usual showmanship. We’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy J1. There is a new one released for 2016, surpassing the 2015 model in performance.

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Top 5 Budget Smartphones Under 800 AED

You know someone's lying when they say they don't want a new phone. EVERYONE wants a new phone—but not everyone can afford the flagship handsets that mobile tech giants seem to be conjuring out of nowhere every few months. Good news for all of us just trying to get by! Like boon from the heavens, here are 5 excellent quality Read more

2015 Review: Top 5 Mobile Phones of the Year

What a year 2015 was for mobile phone technology! Giants like Apple and Samsung have surely outdone themselves this time, while other manufacturers upped their game with amazing new features and technology seen for the first time in mobile phones. Read on for this year's top mobile devices, listed in no particular order.

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What we know from the new Samsung Galaxy S7 leaks

Surface Design

Reports say that the S7's design will not be so different from the S6, so we can expect the same glass back cover and aluminum casing. The possibility of another 'Edge'-style curved display is not too far off either. Other reports say that Samsung is also coming up with something similar to Apple's 3D Touch Technology and might be one of S7's features.

Inside Loo..

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Here's why you should get a tablet now (if you still haven't)

Tablet computers, or tablets as we fondly call them, have become a daily fixture in our lives so much that they are virtually everywhere: homes, schools, offices, even hospitals.


If for some inexplicable reason you still haven't caught the tablet bug, we give you reasons why you should go and grab one for yourself, the first one being “because there's ..

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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Following numerous leaks and never-ending teasers, Samsung has finally announced Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones. 

Since the sales of its prior flagship did not meet the expectations Samsung has gone back to the drawing board and totally reinvented the S6s. S5 was seen as a mistake with its plastic body which was quite a put off, which gave Samsung a rather tough time in the market. The Galaxy S6 is a move at hitting back harder and is bound to draw all eyes on it with its metal and glass body, slimmer edges and curvy corners.

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Samsung Galaxy S DUOS

Key Features

  • Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS
  • Dual SIM (GSM + GSM)
  • 4-inch Display
  • 1 GHz Cortex-A5 Processor
  • 5 MP Primary Camera
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Good looks inspired from S3.
  • 5 MP camera with flash
  • 0.3 MP front facing camera
  • Micro SD slot on the left (outside)
  • Good Mid-range Andriod phone with Exciting Features

Nice phone with excellent features available. Functional, versatile and easy on the eye, the S Duos from Samsung’s Galaxy se..

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Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

"Great for multimedia and comes with the promise of reliable after-sales service” - The Economic Times.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2:

- Big screen
- Dual SIM Cards
- Powerful CPU
- Front camera
- Android 4.3

At the end of last year, in December 2012th, Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy Grand model, which quickly became a favorite phone for a number of people from the w..

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